logo largeCoast Studios have 10 years experience in Photo and Video Production. Formerly located in Sydney, Coast Studios have now moved into the former Studio 54 facility in East Gosford.

Our trained staff can run your production from start to finish, or you can rent the studio, video lights and screens and bring your own equipment.

Please note we do not rent cameras, autocues, audio equipment or flash lighting, these are available as part of our filming packages only. When using the studio for green screen or general video, we do include video lights and green or white screens in the hire.

Our extensive equipment list for commercial shoots includes:

  • Sony EX-3 Cinelta HD camera;
  • 2 x Canon 5D 111 cameras;
  • Total 14 banks of dayglow daylight lighting;
  • 1 x Sennheiser radio mic;
  • 1 x Sony ECM77B TV quality lavalier mic;
  • 2 x Sony radio mics with high quality mics;
  • 15" (full size) autocue, stand, latop and quality autocue software, provided with experienced operator;
  • Mini cue suitable for iPhone or iPad for tight shot reads;
  • Zoom H4 and Zoom H6 audio recorders, for maximum of 10 audio points;
  • NBN connection for data upload.

The studio comes with:

  • Bathroom & shower
  • Kitchenette;
  • Change area;
  • Room for chilling behind the shot;
  • Outside smoking area;
  • First floor viewing area that can also be used for a high camera position. This runs the full width of the studio, so multiple locations are possible;
  • Loading is directly from the driveway for convenience.
  • On site parking for 5 cars, and plenty of street parking.

Please call us now on 0404232330 or email to enquire now. Studio rates are here.


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